Cultural Presentation/Modeling Series Vol.1

Dear all,

here are some cultural opportunities that you can take a visit in proceeding days, before attending class on 19th october.

You are all expected to prepare at least 2 minutes of a verbal+visual presentation that depicts a selected work/artist from one of these exhibitions. Your presentation should involve informations, observations, remarks, diagrams, sketches, questions, discussion topics etc. that will clearly answer questions such as

  • what is it about?
  • what kind of techniques were used?
  • why is it significant for you?


Be curious and explorer; do not limit yourself within the boundaries of simple analysis but try to be productive by interpreting ideas, associating them with others, re-modeling them accompanied with new sights, using similar techniques in other works etc.

The output of this assignment is a physical model of 20 x 20 x 20 cm. within these concerns.




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