Useful Ideas for Handscale Artefact Assignment

Dear all,

below are some examples carrying different IDEAs with such as

  • using different POTENTIALs of a MATERIAL,
  • not forgetting that the devil is in the DETAIL,
  • always considering laws of physics as GUIDEs rather than constraints,
  • taking such a work as a total unity of INTELLIGENCE, CRAFT and ART(like “clever functionality in aesthetic norms”).



thinking_within_material4 thinking_within_material3 thinking_within_material2 thinking_within_material  multi_funtionality joint_details gear_lamp folding_techniques about_laws_of_physics assembling_detail chart_of_hand_tools

Pic. 1/2/3/4: Thinking within Material

Pic. 5: Multi-functionality

Pic. 6: Joint Details

Pic. 7: Gear Lamp

Pic. 8: Folding Techniques

Pic. 9: About Laws of Physics

Pic. 10: Assembling Detail

Pic. 11: Chart of Hand Tools


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