Betül Ünlü-020140013

peraarcades,betülünlü,20150928(1)peraarcades,betülünlü,20150928(4)peraarcades,betülünlü,20150928(5) betülünlü-new space being       spacebeing,betülünlü,20151001(1)spacebeing,betülünlü,20151001(2)betülünlü-handscale artifact(1)betülünlü-handscale artifact(2)betülünlü-handscale artifactbetülünlü-structure final submissionbetülünlü-structure(1)betülünlü-structure(2)


One thought on “Betül Ünlü-020140013

  1. Creativity and uniqueness in the model of Pera is appreciated (no need for the first three photos). Bodily changes and movements are taken into consideration but do not sufficiently offer an idea of space. I cannot open your artefact photo!


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