12107119_10207773563647767_7931722744678335266_n12074610_10207754272125491_5201606489982576666_n  12108945_10207754271605478_1230728975048395371_n  12119073_10207754271445474_3942287197504373843_n12140592_10207754271845484_3814866514865223963_n12108774_10207754272805508_8314160071888823788_n 12115526_10207754273285520_356429689792750357_n12088161_10207754407968887_608434007445401239_n 12115936_10207754408328896_5643833059570376220_n 12122693_10207754408568902_3379570257140312497_n 12096044_10207754408848909_6528634746092813051_n



  1. Late and missing submission!!! Pera work looks good but we cant totally understand all the photos, drawings etc. because of a scaling problem. The model is missing. Concepts in spacebeing are well expressed in diagrams. Working principles in artefact analysis can be followed but the presentation needs more and more analysis and there is also a priority problem in the presentation (dimensions are less important than the analysis and the drawings so should be less accented. The proposed design model presents a succesful collocation of the original object and your design. You can improve it in accordance with class comments.


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