Görkem Geyik-Pera Arcades-Space being-Handscale artefact-20140141


One thought on “Görkem Geyik-Pera Arcades-Space being-Handscale artefact-20140141

  1. Late submission!!! Pera croquis contains lots of different drawings that explain rich quality of the journey but could be presented in a less complex and more controlled way. Abstract model reflects the perception of density in a hierarcical manner. The base of the model could also be designed according this technique in a holistic way. Using referential objects in spacebeing diagrams is a good idea but you have to elaborate all of your submission with assiduity. Plans, sections, elevations are very helpful for us to understand the inner logic of the chosen artefact (with less word please). New proposal needs more and more work!


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