Antagonistic Studios

Dear all,

here is a list of relational duo concepts that are generally contrary each other.

  1. First, you are expected to form groups of three.
  2. Then, you choose one of these dualities (please pay attention to the fact that duality chosen by each group should be unique; do not choose same concepts!)
  3. Inform us about your group members and chosen duality.
  4. Next week, we will anounce you the dates you will show up to present us your explorations, understandings, reflections etc. through the media you freely define (sketches, photos, simple models, a spatial performance maybe, short movies, animations, interactions, music/sounds etc). Try to be curious!
  5. On the presentation day, each group will have 360 sec. to share/show us its knowledge and capability.
  6. In the end, you will be commented by the class for your performance according some criteria such as the clarityand the originality of your performance, your curiosity and creativity, the use of media etc.

PS: Do not just try to expose us the concepts seperately but also try to focus on the very relation between them.

Here we go…

  1. Alphabet & D. Libeskind
  2. Mass production & P. Zumthor
  3. Mukarnas & Le Corbusier
  4. Fabric & T. Ando
  5. Ornament & Bauhaus
  6. Rhizome (Deleuze) & Hippodamus
  7. Mass production & Gaudi
  8. StreetArt/Graffiti & TOKİ
  9. The Selimiye Mosque & O. Niemeyer
  10. A. Warhol & Leed/Breeam/Sustainability
  11. Gotham city & Nevzat Sayın

See you on monday; your presentations and the common ambition were appreciated…

Good Luck,

Ethem Gürer


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