Görkem Geyik-020140141-STRUCTURE

IMG_4571 IMG_4570 IMG_4565 IMG_4566


One thought on “Görkem Geyik-020140141-STRUCTURE

  1. An interesting interpretation of tent structure. Using less detail and junction differentiation but more variations of a typical one could be seem more holistic (there are too many details of different character in the sense of both structure and material). Overlapping beams at junction strengthens the ideas of rhytm ans spiral(ity). Diagrams exploring the formation process and loading tensions are appreciated but you could improve them more (for example by exploring also direction of the loads (horizontal/vertical/diagonal, or/and by showing the relation between the ground, or/and by examining several patterns from top view via photos etc.). Try not only explain the “whatness” of the project (structure, object, architectural project whatever) but also the “what aboutness” of it (the idea behind; the idea it carries etc.).


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